Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand up paddleboarding, or SUP, is one of the fastest growing watersports in the world for a reason. It usually only takes a little effort to learn the basics, (though this can be sped up considerably with just a short lesson). After that, its what you make of it. You can paddle slow and easy, just cruise through the flat water of the bay on a leisurly trip and catch some sun and enjoy nature, or you can break a sweat and get an incredible core workout. Either way, this is a safe, fun sport that everyone can enjoy regardless of age or proir watersports experience.

If its your first time on a sup, we will gladly show you the ropes so you can get out on the water and make the most of the experience.

Stand Up Paddleboarding - Rental Rates

SUP Rental1 Hour - $20Summer Hours
3 Hours - $45Everyday: 10am - 6pm
SUP Yoga1 Hour | 1 Person $75+1 (786) 587-6149
1 Hour | 2 People $100
All tours and instruction are $15 per hour, per person, in addition to the cost of the rental.

All rentals include lifejackets and paddles.

Stand Up Paddleboarding Storage

Make your life easier, store your paddleboard with us. At Morningside Watersports, we have pleanty of room at our facility to store your paddleboard with the care it deserves. We understand how important, and expensive your board is and will make sure it is well kept. Stop wasting time and effort strapping your SUP onto the roof of your car every time you want to take your SUP out for a paddle and leave it with us. No more cracks on the rails from the straps!

Monthly storageClick for rates and details.